If you ever wondered about which country produces the best programmers wonder no more.
  A new report from California-based HackerRank a service that administers tests to developers around the world says its China.
  Second place goes to Russia and Poland takes bronze. Traditional programming powerhouses like the US and India came in at 28th and 31st respectively.
  HackerRank offers its community of programmers apparently 1.5 million strong with challenges to hone their skills. It examined data from these challenges from the last few years to come up with the rankings scoring developers from different countries and finding national averages. “According to our data China and Russia score as the most talented developers. Chinese programmers outscore all other countries in mathematics functional programming and data structures challenges while Russians dominate in algorithms the most popular and most competitive arena” according to HackerRank.
  The USs position at No. 28 behind countries like Japan Greece and Chile might seem odd especially for the country that basically birthed the internet and created so many of the coding tools used today. This could potentially correlate to a lower emphasis on maths and science in American schools as this Pew Research report details.
  This is also not the first time that America has been humbled by the likes of China and Russia in the programming arena. At the collegiate level during the recent ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest schools from China and Russia beat out the likes of Harvard and MIT.

  sharialaw 52 minutes ago
  俄罗斯、中国和印度有世界上最好的黑客和病毒开发者。――Rahil Bhagat… 🙂

  I love the comments from Indians in here. Indians have never been great programmers. Dont mistake being the cheapest outsourcing programmers for only the English speaking world as being great programmers. Thats why there are lot of Indian programmers and not because theyre the best. Every international programming competition has their rankings very similar.

  xyz1981555 5 hours ago

  Well Harvard and MIT shall get more Chinese students to compete in the future

  wilson8888 6 hours ago

  @wilson8888 There are some Americans like that. There are some Chinese who think most Americans think like that. Both are mistaken. Ive been watching the rise of China ever since the time of Deng Xao Ping and admiring how theyve done it. And its not just manufacturing. Its the Olympics the International Mathematical Olympiad their space program.
  And Im sorry to say a growing tendency to jingoism. Your greatness is not in your military. It never works that way for any nation.

  rock3times 6 hours ago
  I went to school with both Indians and Chineses. I know them both…Indians are good at inventing Chineses are good at copycatting and regurgitating memorized facts.

  wilson8888 6 hours ago
  @rock3times 撒谎,事实上中国人工作努力而印度人是懒癌。在中国人设想并完成他们的产品的同时,印度却用钱购买别人的技术。所以中国能领先于世且独立自主。而印度只会跟随和依赖他人。

  @rock3times ,只要看看印度的技术水平,就知道,你们甚至连抄袭都不会!创新?印度人压根就没流有创新的血液!

  No wonder USA us ranked #28: just check how many millions H1 visas from India (ranked #31) being brought in…..

  jamesabg 7 hours ago

  it doesnt surprise me Chinese have the highest I.Q. in the world.

  RhythmMac 9 hours ago
  骇客、偷技术、非法抄袭、辱骂、勾引男人、街上拉屎撒尿、倒热水空姐身上 、等。。。等。。。等。。。

  @RhythmMac sore loser eating sour grapes.

  that is no news at all. this has been known since years.because in RussiaChina and India programmers are thought first to walk and than to run. to use a metaphor…. and if-when you know the basics very well the rest is no problem. like with any job you do a good basic training-apprentice ship and after that you can write your own pay check.

  M0r0ns 11 hours ago
  So much for dumb Donald Trumps rants against immigration.

  @M0r0ns Dumbest comment ever lets undermine salaries of US programmers and discourage more kids from getting Computer Science degreees

  shooi dan tom 8 hours ago
  hope. The US will be part of Mexico in a few years. With Trump the day will get delayed 45 days.

  RF99 12 hours ago
  There may be a lot of reasons we dont have the best programmers. Heck the US doesnt have the best of a lot of things except doctors and lawyers. But safe zones and womens studies? Thats a stretch.


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